29 October 2010

my first physio

the wonderful angus looked a bit worried when i walked in this morning (after all of the chronic pain agonies of the past year) but had to stop himself from laughing when i said "i just wanted to show off my new boot" and laughed out loud when he saw how withered my calf is. he was unimpressed with the doc who initially withheld the news about the fracture, and said it'll be another 3 weeks before i should really think about putting weight on it again. so for now (5 weeks to the day since i broke it) here's my new routine:

1. take off cast as much as possible while sitting, and practise flexing my calf by alternately lifting heel and toe from the floor, without putting any weight on it.

2. with theraband around ball of foot, push against and hold.

3. alternate 2 min in a warm foot bath/2 min in a cold foot bath, 5 times each.

i said "i guess it's too early to ask for a recommendation on where to get fitted for a good walking shoe" and he just nodded and stuck some lovely, lovely needles into my leg.

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