28 October 2010

and did i mention asthma?

i was diagnosed with mild asthma last spring. when i thought i would
start running. i started slow like you're supposed to, the
jog-a-bit-walk-a-bit routine, and started experiencing chest pains,
although not while i was jogging (it would happen at other
unrelated times of the day). so that's another wrinkle in my road back
to health. i started learning this summer about inhaling into different
areas of the lung (i had been working on diaphragmatic breathing as
opposed to chesty breathing already, but this is a qi-gong thing where
you breathe into the back of the lung) in my tai chi class, but of
course i can't do tai chi with an aircast on my foot. so much to work
on, so little time (and energy)!

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