04 October 2012

c25k week 4: rest day

no run today, so i did 20 sit-ups and flossed my teeth.

flossing sort of feels like a workout. it's just as arduous, and takes just as long. because i have a retainer wire along my lower teeth along the lingual side (or inside, for people who don't know ortho lingo), i can't just floss like a normal person. i have to thread the floss under the wire. it's tedious, and because my teeth are still pretty tight on the bottom, hard to get the floss through there. blecch. so i don't do it as often as i should.

i wear my essix retainer without fail, though. mainly because i can feel my teeth start to move if i forget it even one night. and moving teeth is the worst thing ever! after all my suffering, i will not let them shift back if i can help it!

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