02 October 2012

c25k: day off

today is a day off from the c25k, so i did 20 sit-ups this morning instead, which gave me a chance to really look at my legs. my left calf is still noticeably smaller than the right. it's been 2 whole years now since i broke that foot! i'm amazed there's still a difference. half-tempted to dig out my old aircast and wear it on my right leg to even them out, but really i'd rather shoot myself. i guess i'll just stay lopsided, and probably no one will notice but me.

speaking of my broken foot, it did give me a few little twinges, last night as i was falling asleep. but that is it, thankfully!

i'm just doing the math in my head now... the back/shoulder chronic pain started fall of 2009 (i got a few twinges in my shoulder yesterday during my run, actually) but currently seems to be manageable with fish oil supplements. then in the winter of 2009/2010 was the horrible time, when i got less than zero exercise and ate a terrible diet and put on a ton of weight. then in spring of 2010 i ran a 5k and was slightly killed by hills, and then had all of the breathing tests done and the puffers and whatnot. and september of 2010 i broke my foot and got my braces.

still climbing back from all of that. but slowly, slowly!


  1. Take care and don't give up. Better times will come. All the best.