02 May 2012

retainer time

got my retainers yesterday! oh the excitement. the lower one only needs to be worn at night, but the upper is meant to be worn all the time, to nudge my 12 back into position. of course i forgot to put it back on after having my "after" photos done, and went without it all day. i did think of it at one point, but decided to give myself one last day of freedom, since yesterday was such a looong day (started with doing promo for chs quest at a subway station, where i hollered myself hoarse). then i forgot after dinner, although i remembered them for bedtime. it's weird to have my teeth not meet! one at a time is much better. i put in the upper after i got to work this morning, after a coffee, and then some brushing and rinsing. maybe this will help me cut down on my coffee habit. and my snacking habit. cross fingers.

it's also giving me a headache of course - the sinus ache that comes with the shifting. i guess at least that means i know it's working?

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