18 May 2012

another new beginning (number 62 in a series of a million)

ok, after a difficult week with some difficult news and a general lack of energy and bad mood after a spring of difficult anniversaries and a nagging cough since that lung infection i had a while ago, i've gotten pretty slack about taking my supplements and stuff. part of it is that when i'm sick or stressed i get nausesated, and the idea of swallowing pills or fish oil is enough to make me want to vomit. anyway, as of today, i am back on that particular wagon. and, i took an allergy pill this morning, because while i keep talking about it, i haven't really tested the "maybe this lung thing is an allergy thing" theory.

i've also been eating more junky food (went on a bit of a binge when i got my braces off - can't blame me for that!), but today i brought a healthy lunch (leftovers from a healthy dinner a few nights before - pasta with garden-fresh rapini) and two pieces of organic fruit. so that's another step in the right direction.

on the upside, i have been very good about riding my bike to work every day, and on tuesday the kiddo and i walked to the pool (about a mile) and swam for 45 minutes. and yesterday i had a rare evening to myself, and walked a total of 5 miles - was really feeling it by the end!

but, what i really really need to do is get on the c25k. i just checked and my earphones don't fit my mobile, so i guess step one is getting that taken care of... although i can really do it without someone telling me when to run and when to walk, can't i? first week is fairly simple; 5 min warmup walk, followed by 60 sec run/90 sec walk repeated for 20 minutes. i should be able to figure that out, surely... no more excuses!

this is a long weekend, so i hope i get a chance to rest & recharge & get back on track. of course, we have guests in from out of town, and a party to go to, and some family coming over for a bbq, so maybe not!


  1. walk/run, pool and bike. This sounds like a tri......
    I have also problem with allergy but this is a very polluted city.

  2. i am nowhere near a triathon! except maybe in my dreams. toronto where i live is pretty polluted too. that's one of the good things about swimming - it's indoors!