11 May 2012

deja vu

once again i am saying i am going to do the couch to 5k. "this time i mean it," of course.

anyway, charting a route using trails.com's google map, so i can figure out when to jog and when to walk, i'm flashing back to 4 years ago, when we were new to the neighbourhood, and i tried to get in the running habit. it just doesn't seem to stick with me, for whatever reason.

but, still i make my little plans, because if i don't at least try once in a while, how will i ever get anywhere?

i have done a fair job of making biking to work part of my routine, so that is something. i've toyed with the idea of saying "if i ride every day for a month, i'll treat myself to a fancy new bike." but realistically, as long as the kiddo is in swimming lessons, i won't be riding those days.

maybe that can be my incentive for running though? i need to come up with some kind of effective motivational treat!

meanwhile, this weekend i will start my white trays (after reading the instructions, i discovered you have to wait 2 weeks after getting dental work done - no chemicals on my tender gums, thank you! then on the 22 may, i'll get my miniscrew anchorage implant out. cannot wait for that!

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