28 May 2012

we did it!

well, we didn't quite reach our goal of raising $2000 for the canadian hearing society, but we did raise almost $1400 and thoroughly wore ourselves out!

i took the ttc this morning because my legs are still sore. must start that c25k program right away. i just did the math, and not counting the times we took the ttc and all the time spent doing challenges (some physical, some not), i ran about 3 3/4 miles on saturday, or about 6 km. that was spread over almost 3 hours, though. so i know it is possible for me to run 5 km, but i also know i am not ready to do it all in one go.

part of the problem was not wearing proper sneakers... i didn't think we'd be doing that much running (seeing as my team erred on the side of middle-aged, with the exception of my 5-year-old son... not exactly a team designed for maximum efficiency), so i was wearing sandals. but then, our name was picked for expert help: we were joined by amazing race contestant luke adams! so that was some added inspiration to get running and going fast!

we didn't win by any stretch, but had a great time, raised some money, and got a little bit fitter, or maybe a little more aware of the need to get fitter.

the chs quest site will still be accepting sponsorships for the next 2 weeks if you care to make a donation!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you did it.
    Too beautiful that your son runs/walks with you.
    Best wishes for a very fast recover.