14 May 2012

a whiter shade of pale

today i begin my experiment with whitening trays. i meant to start last night but forgot, so i thought "heck, i'm usually first into the office, i'll just plunk them in at work." because it's really either now or a longish wait; you're supposed to wait 2 weeks after dental work before using them, and i'm getting my miniscrew anchorage implant out next week, so this is my only available week for almost another month.

i went with aquafresh white trays for a number of reasons - cost ($36.99 instead of $54.99 for crest), duration (a month seemed too long to wait, but the expensive superfast ones seemed too fast somehow - like they must be super harsh, or my "transformation" would be too sudden and awkward a la ted baxter's hair dye on the mary tyler moore show).

so far so good, i guess. the goop has a mild minty flavour, and the trays are certainly less annoying than my retainers! we'll see how well they work.

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