15 October 2013

not so bad!

well i haven't been posting much, but there isn't much to say.

i stepped on the scale trepidatiously this morning after a thanksgiving weekend of over-indulgence - turkey and aunt betty's chicken liver pate and pumpkin pie and sticky toffee pudding! and bacon and blueberry pancakes for breakfast yesterday since we had a teenage boy staying with us!

my weight was... exactly the same as before! i think my routine of walking to work every day and taking my fish oil and vitamins has worked pretty well. just enough exercise to get the blood/metabolism/whatever pumping enough to burn off the occasional twelve-thousand-calorie meal, but not so much exercise that my shoulder or foot or lungs start bothering me. it was nice to have a big family get-together and hear nothing but "wow, you look great!" as opposed to expressions of concern when i was variously schlumpy or gaunt.

makes me feel like a healthy person on the right track.

i did have to get a crown done that i was hoping to put off until the new year. i had a fakey tooth there for a couple of years i guess, it was decided to put off getting the crown done until i was finished with my braces, since brackets don't bond so well to crowns. my ortho banded it instead. i was hoping i could leave it until i'd finished paying for the bridge, and we started a new calendar year with the insurance people, but no luck! it broke. wah. but at least it is done, and my last payment to the dentist is december, so it will be a clean slate come january. cross my fingers.

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