25 September 2013

a month gone by

wow, a month has gone by without a post! whoops.

life has been busy. last week was crazy, with a bunch of appointments, an unexpected trip out of town, a bunch of driving, eating crap food, forgetting supplements. i definitely notice it in my back and shoulder if i miss my fish oil for too many days running. it is nasty stuff, but fish oil + "nerve flossing" exercise i learned in physio do indeed make a huge difference. i really cannot go without either.

school started for the kiddo, and with it a new set of routines. my hours at work have changed as well, but that is a good thing! i now have time to walk the kid to school, and then briskly to work along a lovely leafy route. on the way to work i go downhill, on the way back to get my son in the late afternoon, it's a bit of a climb - not long, but steep! i can certainly feel the effects of exercise in my legs.

also, unfortunately, in my foot, but i expect that will be the case whether i exercise or not. sometimes i'll get a twinge quite unexpectedly when i haven't done anything to "deserve" it; sometimes i wonder if it's a change in the weather causing my bones to be unhappy.

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