12 August 2013

travelling, swimming, breathing

so we just got back from a week in the country, where we cooked fresh food and breathed fresh air and went for walks in the woods and swam every day in a cold clear lake.

and this is what i learned:

i'm a stronger swimmer than i was before. i'm less wimpy about getting into the cold water, and better able to swim a reasonable distance without getting winded. i'm less likely to panic if i get swamped by a wave. i give all credit to my son, without whom i wouldn't be spending so much time in the water.

i can't breathe city air. this morning i was totally winded on the short cycle to work, and haven't been able to catch my breath all day, sitting in an air-conditioned office. my ribs feel tight and i find i have to remind myself to breathe, or i won't. and then i gasp for air.

of course, i've no solution for this, other than moving to the country which is tempting but not a realistic option. so i need an option b. but first i need to work out what that is. which means i need to work out exactly why i can't breathe in the city.

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