30 October 2013

my big adventure

today i went to the grocery store! so exciting. we were out of juice boxes, and needed some hallowe'en treats. it was a very quick trip, but wore me out nonetheless.

i really need to spend the next few days going for a little walk morning and afternoon, to get my energy back up for going back to work next week. and also to help (i hope) with digestion. i ate somewhat more normally today - almost like a real person! - but a small-to-normal sized meal still leads to a lot of disturbing tummy rumbles and requires a lie down.

is this normal? augh!

okay, tomorrow i am going to make sure to get loads of fibre somehow. and take my vitamins. i find it difficult to take the iron supplement when my stomach is upset, but i think i've just got to do it.


  1. I hope that you get better soon and your walks are easy. Cannot wait for reading a running report. All the best.

    1. thanks - i think we have both had more than our fair share of health setbacks!