27 October 2013

one step forwards, two steps back

well, yesterday i had a "turning point" (i won't go into detail, tmi) and thought, "this is it, i'm going to be feeling better!"

and then today, i overdid it.

and by "overdid it," i mean, i ate a bagel.

i walked all the way to the bakery by myself (there and back, maybe a quarter mile), bought a raisin bagel, toasted it, and ate it with peanut butter.

it tasted so good. but it was like being hit by a truck. i slept for a good four hours.

so, clearly i need to slow down, or something.

but, shades of three years ago when i started this blog, i am finding it really difficult to get anywhere near 1,000 calories a day. i top up with pear nectar and ginger ale just to get a few calories. gah, i should probably start drinking those bodybuilder drinks again. or "boost." or at least eggnog.

but how will my belly take it?

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