25 October 2013


another thing to recover from, boo.

my upset tummy was actually appendicits, i had the surgery three nights ago.

between monday (when i went in to the hospital) and wednesday (when i got home), my weight increased 12 pounds! and i haven't even been eating much, it's just that nothing is going through and i've been pumped full of gas and saline and whatnot. ugh. my waistline increased 8 inches to 32! yikes. my body didn't change this quickly when i was pregnant. blecch.

also, my blood pressure got crazy low - 80s over 50s. eek.

right now, i am trying to walk a bit every day, to encourage the gas to work itself out. i can feel it up to my shoulders and neck! not fun at all.

on the plus side, the nurses thought i was an athlete because my pulse is so strong.

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