10 April 2013

another day over

and i think i did all right! lots of protein, lots of fibre, lots of nutrients, and kcal in & out balanced almost exactly (2037 kcal in, 2066 kcal burned).

today i had french toast with maple syrup for breakfast; an orange as a morning snack; lunch was salad with smoked mussels and cucumber, and a few multi-grain crackers with organic cheddar; afternoon snack was a banana, and dinner was coq au vin (yay, slow cooker), mashed potatoes, and green beans. and a glass of the aforementioned sardinian cannonau.

who says eating healthy can't be enjoyable at the same time?


  1. If you come here usually, at the end of every race, you get a bottle of (italian) wine.
    Or more if you arrive in the top ten of the age group.

    1. ! i have got to race in italy then!