10 April 2013


i am feeling pretty smug about riding my bicycle in this weather:

think i'll give it a rest tomorrow though, when they're predicting snow!

in other news, i've been really good about taking my supplements and fish oil lately, giving myself a pat on the back about that. as an added bonus, period cramps were nonexistent this month. i've noticed that in the past too, when i take the fish oil religiously, no cramps.

if that isn't motivating i don't know what is!

one thing i need to get on top of though is eating enough. last night i had a meeting to go to (ugh), so instead of having a proper sit-down dinner with family, i had a hurried sandwich, and a few cookies at the meeting. i was wired instead of sleepy when i got home, and ate a bunch of chocolate almonds. but when i entered all the cookies and candy into fitday this morning, i realised i still hadn't broken 1900 kcal for the day! no wonder i was hungry, considering i had the bik bike yesterday.

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