04 April 2013

spring is here!

and about time, too!

this morning i rode "the big bike" for the first time in a long time - maybe since november! the kiddo was very excited to see that, he's really missed getting to ride, and feeling "cool" around his classmates.

it really got my blood pumping this morning, and i was also pleased to note that i had no trouble turning my head to do a shoulder-check. i've had some "popping" in both shoulders since my visit to angus last week, and the occasional stabbing feeling, but have basically been ok. yahoo!

in other news, i got my bridgework started yesterday. my jaw is sore! i am glad to know i am seeing the light at the end of that particular tunnel, but it reminds me that i was supposed to book a retainer check with my ortho for january, and it kept getting put off as i worked through all my dental struggles. i will definitely need a new retainer

when all this is done.

onward and upward now, i hope.

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