10 April 2012


i feel almost lightheaded. just had our weekly lunchtime yoga session. we do a lot of breathing, which i hope is good for my poor lungs!

i've been fighting a cold for a week, which feels like it's landed in my lungs now after a hectic weekend of 5-hour drives and dusty-basement delving. also trying to remember the name of the allergy med i took before - i had a prescription version, but there is an over the counter version available as well in a slightly lower dose. i just have to remember which one it was... the main thing i remember is the otc one made me verrry sleepy, which the prescription one did not. maybe there are different otc versions, with different additional ingredients which might be better or worse for me? will have to do some research. but i think i'm in for a rough spring with an extended pollen season, and i need help!

i will pat myself on the back though for cycling this morning, despite not feeling great.

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