27 April 2012

today for lunch, we feature crunchy and chewy and sticky and stringy

they're off! i am officially debraced, for reals this time! i can scarcely believe it, but it's true. i sort of wish i had read up on debracing a bit (i read nothing) because it seemd to involve hours of threading floss through my wires, applying gross tasting stuff (solvent?), the weird light-gun thingy, and bleeding gums. also, i now get why they only did one impression last time - it was for the retainer wire. yesterday they took two impressions, top and bottom, for the essix retainers. i should be able to pick up the lower on monday; the upper might be later in the week because there is tweaking to be done to nudge my 12 back into position.

but the main point is they're gone!

after i left the office i went off to buy poppycock but couldn't find it. instead, i got smartfood and almond roca. feel a bit ill today. also got whitestrips, but haven't used them yet as my gums were bleeding last night and i didn't think it would be a good idea.

(the bleeding gums are also why i have no "after" pics yet.)

right now i'm on my lunch break, enjoying some crunchy and chewy takeout from the annex hodgepodge:
Thin slices of oven roasted smoked turkey with seasoned tomato slices and Swiss cheese drizzled with avocado aioli, all grilled in a Swiss rectangle panini

Baby spinach leaves mixed with tangy dried cranberries, candied pecans, sliced almonds and a triple creme Brie tossed in a sweet vinaigrette
tomorrow morning, i'm heading to the bagel house for the montrealiest bagels in toronto.

then for sunday's breakfast i'm baking some kouign amann.

i'm still having trouble making myself bite down with my incisors after so many months of being unable, but i figure i'll get a lot of practice this weekend!

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