13 April 2012

they're coming off, sort of.

not too happy with my visit to the orthodontist yesterday. the ortho & the assistant were all cheery, "getting ready for debanding, excited?" and all i oculd say was, didn't you pay any attention the three times i called over the last three weeks or so saying that the elastics messed me up? sigh.

after a fair amount of hemming and hawing and toying the idea of adding more braces to my uppers for an additional 3 or 4 months (!!!) he suggested he could nudge that tooth back into position with essix retainers. which i would have to wear 24 hours a day. not really the freedom i was hoping for.

it didn't really occur to me until i was leaving that we only did impressions of the bottom row, not the top. how do you make a retainer without an impression? what do i know...

the whole thing just makes me feel tired and sad.

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