24 April 2012

the agony and the ecstasy

it's been a rough week or so here breathing-wise. after being sick easter weekend (but still having to drive for hours and root through a dusty basement) and for about a week following that, i had a good week or so before a cough set in - it';s a lung thing not a throat thing (although my throat does get sore after a big coughing fit). i've started taking a daily cetirizine in the hopes it will help - the otc version i got is only 10 mg while the prescription one was 15 mg, so i might start taking 2 every second day or something to see if that makes a difference.

i am proud to say though that i have managed to ride my bicycle every day, and i think that helped with today's event!

i signed up for a fundraiser here at work, which is taking place in may. it's called chs quest, and it's a smartphone scavenger hunt and race - i was thinking more scavenger hunt, until today when we had a "mini quest" event at work. definitely a race! i ran just over a mile, with 3 breaks to do "challenges" (sawing a log, identifying herbs by smell) and it took me half an hour afterwards to catch my breath, but i did it!

and our team won!

blood is definitely pumping now. hope i have enough energy for the ride home in the sleet...

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