28 February 2012


well, today i had some unexpected exercise: lunchtime yoga (which i had kind of forgotten) and then i missed the bus and had to walk as quick as i could to the library to meet the kiddo. it's kind of sad when a brisk walk gets you huffing and puffing! but i guess that just shows how much i need the exercise.

for dinner, we had liver & onions with mashed potatoes & bacon. now, i knew the kiddo would probably would not want to eat the liver, but i thought i'd try it on him. after all, i liked liver as a child, maybe he's weird like me! no dice. so i ate his piece as well.

so, how nutritious is liver?

my nutritional intake for 28 february 2012

very! all my iron, selenium, b complex, everything! well, not c or e or potassium. i can never manage to get 100% of everything every day. i try to work it out so that everything hits 90% or more if i average it out over a week. forget last week, i was sick and all i could stand was toast. but this week i think i'll do just fine!

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