09 February 2012

bicycling vs. the bus

passed a milestone today: left home after the bus i used to take had already gone, and caught up to it 2 stops before where i would have gotten off! yay.

i do miss the bus though. i miss my fellow riders, getting to chat, read, or knit on the way.

yesterday i left around the same time as the bus; it was just ahead of me as i came out of the garage, then i got ahead of it, then we were side by side at a stoplight. the driver opened the door and i said, "did you miss me?" and he said "yes! i wondered where you were!"

i do miss that. but i love feeling like me again, zipping about under my own power on my own time, not having to fret over whether i've missed the bus, or the bus is late.

also, i've managed to remember my supplements every day this week so far. woohoo!

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