02 February 2012

i did it!

i rode my bicycle today! it took about 10 minutes, with additional time for futzing ("where's my backpack? where's my headlight?"), and i was halfway here when i realised i had forgotton my helmet. whoops! we'll get it sorted tomorrow.

meanwhile, the hot article of today is about sugar, and how it's evil.

now, i love sugar. but i was thinking about it, and aside from the obvious sweet indulgences (which don't happen every day) i don't get that much of it, really. i drink my coffee black. i make my porridge from scratch, just barley flakes, sunflower seeds, and dried apricots. most of our food is made from scratch by me, as far as that goes, so we avoid a lot of the "hidden" sugars that are added to processed foods like pasta sauce and whatnot. i don't drink pop, i don't even drink much juice (not sure if monster juice has added sugar, actually). the packaged foods i buy are mostly from the health food store, so again, no added weirdness in the peanut butter etc. basically the only foods we eat with sugar in them are obviously sugary things like jam, and of course i make cookies and pancakes on the weekends, but we don't eat that stuff every day.

so that's another bit of good news on the good news front! trying to make this blog more positive instead of just complainy.

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