06 February 2012

good start to the week!

this morning i rode my bicycle & remembered my supplements! my toe wasn't precisely hurting, but was talking to me a bit on the ride. and it was a real work-out for my lungs - even though, let's be honest, a 10-minute ride should be no big deal. i rode to niagara falls once, right up the escarpment for crying out loud!

i also remembered to bring fruit to snack on.

trying to remember when last i used an inhaler, i think it was june maybe. for the past two years i have had a terrible time lung-wise through march. shortness of breath, stabbing pains, need-to-sit-and-rest-now type of moments. i ownder if this year will be any different, with the supplements, the exercise, and also the weird weather. in previous years, the troubles coincided with the advent of spring - snow melting, etc. etc. but right now, i look out the window, it's 8 degrees and sunny, and not a spot of snow to be seen anywhere. no "seasons" at all to speak of! unless we get a late dumping of snow, that is my big fear...

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