10 February 2012

friday check-in

thought i'd do a little check-in with some stats to see how i'm doing so far. i confess i am feeling pretty cranky the last couple of days; i think being out two nights in a row (not for social fun stuff, but for a parents' group meeting and my night class) is just too much sleep interruption.

annyhoo, even with that challenge, i think i am doing ok. i am getting most of my nutrition needs met through diet (i am always low on the e and iron, so i take supplements for those - e is tricky as it seems the top source is nuts, which i find hard to eat with my braces - any suggestions for tasty-but-soft e-rich foods? i did have peanut butter for breakfast twice this week, as well as making peanut-butter cookies), and keeping my intake and output roughly balanced. although i feel like i "must" be burning more calories on my bike rides than fitday says i am; even though they're short, my heart is really pumping!

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