01 March 2013


flavourful, comforting!


2 small onions
4 oz mushrooms
¼ lb butter
½ lb chicken livers
fresh tarragon
salt and pepper
¼ cup sherry

mince the onions and mushrooms as finely as possible. sautée gently in butter over low heat until soft. Turn up the heat just a bit, and toss in the chicken livers and minced tarragon to taste, tossing until the livers look just cooked.

throw into a blender with the seasonings and sherry, or chop as fine as possible and try to force through a sieve with a wooden spoon, and then beat it all together. pack into a dish (this recipe fills two individual-size soufflé dishes), and chill several hours before serving.

if you want to make it nice, top with whole tarragon leaves and a thin layer of clarified butter.

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