13 March 2013

getting better all the time

except for continuing to be ravenously hungry, things are getting better here. probably related to the days getting longer.

i saw my dentist, and my gum has healed enough that he was able to give me a temporary crown until i get the bridgework done. so, hallelujah! i'm still a little shy about chewing, but a hundred times more confident than i was before.

haven't been able to ride my bike (where is my headlight?? argh), but i have been walking to & from work this week, and it feels good! weather is finally getting useful for outdoor activities again (although this morning we were hovering at the treacherous zero mark - lots of slippery patches).

and, best yet, i haven't (knock wood) gotten the spring allergy/sickness! stopped taking the antihistamine (too much drowsiness) but haven't gotten sick.

now, i just have to be more diligent about remembering my vitamins!

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