23 March 2013


well, this isn't good.

i woke up in the wee hours this morning because my back is wrecked. i must have slept funny, because it happened while i was asleep, but i woke up with the old "my spine is melting" feeling and struggled to get back to sleep because nothing is comfortable. my shoulders are whacked, i can't turn my head to the right, and my left arm is going tingly with the odd stabby moment. waah.

worse luck, i am trying - and failing! - to remember the name of the painkiller i took that worked. i remember a few that *didn't* but i don't remember what *did.* i think it had a "c" in the name, and i couldn't take ibuprofen while i was on it. beyond that, i've no clue.


while i try to look up the old drug, i've left a message with my old physio angus that i need to see him NOW.


eta: arthrotec! i think that was it?

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