11 February 2013

poor me

it's been a bit of a rough year. and barely started!

i haven't been able to ride my bike much, due to the weather, and my own health - it's the year of the chest cold.

and having chest colds has made me not want to wear my retainer. retainer and coughing just don't go together so well. after a chest infection in december, i went weeks without my retainers. but when i tried them in january, i was very happy to see they went in no problem, and without discomfort! maybe the tooth-shifting has really stopped!


then the troubles began. the tooth that broke so often at the end of my pregnancy broke again. a couple of weeks ago, i had a root canal and gum surgery - what they call a "crown lengthening procedure" - as preparation for doing a bridge (rather than an implant) to fill a gap that couldn't be closed with orthodontia (thank you, extra-thick jaw bone). i was told to come back in eight weeks, after the gum had healed.


on saturday a little chunk fell out of that tooth, a wedge like a small piece of pie.

yesterday, i lost another chunk. now i'm having periodic pain that shoots into my ear.

seeing the dentist at 12:30. eating early lunch now, on the assumption that i won't be able to eat later.

i'm afraid i'm going to end up on a liquid diet again, like the last weeks of my pregnancy when this tooth started acting up, or when i first got my braces in 2010.

not looking forward to it! i just want this to be over.

ok, i think i'm finished with my pity-party. for now.

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