15 February 2013

oh, canadian february.

this morning, in the spirit of getting exercise as well as avoiding library late fees, i walked a few blocks to the library and took the bus from there.

holy moly! i had to really watch my step, as it is so icy out. i got my heartrate up out of pure fear, despite going slowly. definitely no outdoor exercise for a little while.

the good news is, last night i went out for sushi, and successfully ate some plain sashimi: salmon, butterfish, and eel. managed to get 74 g protein for the day, which is a lot! today i brought a tin of sockeye salmon for lunch, which should be doable, and so by lunch time i'll have had 900+ cals and 60+ g of protein.

low on a bunch of vitamins/nutrients though.

tonight, pork chops and green beans are on the menu. i won't be able to manage a pork chop, but will bake potatoes in the skin (fibre! i just have to cut it into tiny pieces), and i bet if i overcook some green beans i will be able to eat those, too. that will get me up to 12 g of fibre at least.

and, i need to remember to check the health food store for barley flakes when i'm there next. porridge cooked with sunflower seeds and dried apricots was a big hit when i had the braces.

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