14 February 2013

oh boy.

so, i got a patch on monday, from a dentist (not my own) who thought it was imperative to start the "post and core build-up" (or words to that effect) right away, as the tooth was falling apart.

yesterday i saw my own dentist, who says i still have a lot of healing to do from the gum surgery. they actually carve away the bone, so it takes a full eight weeks to recover. he replaced my filling.

"is this any different from the filling that failed?" i asked.

"no, but that may have been due to pressure from the dressing on your gum, which is gone now."


i am not confident that this new filling won't break.

i can't stop thinking about when this tooth first started breaking, 6 years ago, at the end of my pregnancy. it broke 4 times before i went on a liquid diet, because i couldn't bear the idea of getting yet another temporary filling. the day after i had the baby, it broke again (i was eating pasta! not crunchy or chewy at all!) but i was finally allowed to get it properly fixed.

so, i'm going to go on the liquid diet again. glad i was ravenous in january, i need all the padding i can get to keep from being ms. gaunt as i was when i first got the braces. the hard part, will be getting enough protein to keep from losing too much muscle, and enough energy to exercise to hold onto that muscle.

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