17 July 2012

hot hot hot!

well i haven't done any cycling in weeks, i'm afraid. i had a grand plan of taking my spare bike up to the subway stop near the kiddo's pre-school, and then at least cycling that chunk of the journey. but when i dragged the bike out i found it needs new tubes, and it has been too hot and humid for me to ride anyway! my little lungs can't cope.

we have managed to go swimming a few times, though. i don't get to swim as much as just run in the water, but running in water is pretty taxing, i think. let's call it "resistance training." although really, it is mainly "trying to fulfill the always be an arms-length from your child rule." he is faster than i!

anyway on this record-breaking temperature day, which may or may not end in a thunderstorm, we took our lunchtime yoga class up the many steps of casa loma to the gardens of spadina house. and there, in the shade of a chestnut tree, did some cooling breaths as the breezes swept around us. it was lovely! can't think of a nicer place to be, or nicer way to get some exercise on a hot day.

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