03 March 2017

I'm Back! Again!

Well, another break from blogging, but I thought I'd check in!

I have only gone for two runs in 2017, due to the perils of the Canadian winter. Even though this winter has been relatively mild, it's still been difficult due to ice. Snow melts during the day, sidewalks are wet, temperatures drop below freezing overnight, and in the morning it is treacherous to walk, let alone run. I was pleased though that the last time I made it out, about a week ago, I ran a solid 2.5 km without thinking about stopping, and could have run longer if I had more time. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but considering how much effort the C25K took last summer, I feel pretty good about it!

I have made up for it a bit by swimming! I am a pretty terrible swimmer - can't put my face underwater without holding my nose - but I like it anyway, and it is a real workout as it uses muscles I never use otherwise. Farthest I've managed is 12 lengths (300 m), but again, considering how out of shape I am, I consider that pretty good, too!

Right now I am recovering from a bout of Norovirus I picked up on the weekend at a big community event. Ugh. Taking baby steps with eating - most of the week, it's been ginger ale, apple juice, graham crackers, chicken noodle soup, and saltines. Not what you would call a balanced diet. Hoping to be back to normal very soon though.


  1. Welcome back. Enjoy your runs and the pool. You have plenty of time to improve distance and speed.

    1. Thank you! I signed up for a 5k in April to give myself something to work towards!