23 May 2013

shame on me

so, with all the business of breaking fillings and gum surgery and bridgework, i didn't go for my retainer check in january (why go then when i'd need a new one soon anyway?) and then i couldn't wear it after the gum surgery and was worried that if i wore just my upper it would be added pressure on the ever-breaking back tooth, and then... well excuses.

anyway i put my upper back in the other night for the first time in months, and... yow.

so, i know my lowers are shifting - i can feel it, i can see it - but i'm embarrassed to go back to my ortho. more to the point, i'm afraid. i'm afraid he'll say i need more work done, and i can't afford it, and just don't want to!

so, i'm thinking, maybe i can trim away the bit at the back that won't fit anymore, and then try to wear it like that for a bit so at least my teeth are less bad when i go back and say "i need a new retainer." am i crazy? i figure i've nothing to lose, it's not like i can wear the retainer the way it is now...

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  1. Teeth problems, the worst! Just yesterday I went to the dentist.
    All the best my friend.