03 May 2013

glorious summer!

well, maybe not officially, but it certainly feels like it today!

we're going on a picnic to see the cherry blossoms in high park tonight (sunday is supposed to be "the big day," but will be too crowded for my liking - don't mind a few fewer blossoms if it also means fewer people), bringing sushi more due to portability than cultural appropriateness. i'll pick up at lunchtime, and pack alongside a couple of frozen juice boxes for the kiddo. yay picnics. oh happy day.

speaking of good days, i forgot my fish oil this morning, but after inputting everything i intend to eat and then adding a few extra snacks to get up to rda in potassium and whatnot, i think today is going to be about as nutritionally perfect as can be - all the necessary vitamins and minerals, with loads of protein and fibre besides, and a glass of wine.

i could technically use a few more calories though, since i'm currently under budget by about 50, and that's not counting all the hiking that will happen when we get to the park. so maybe i'll have a little treat later on, too.

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy your picnic tomorrow. Just yesterday I went to run with my son through the country; the colors and the flowers are wonderful in this period.