14 November 2012


well, it hasn't been much of a fall. after the thing with my shoulder i gave up running, and i haven't really replaced it with anything. need to fix that. i am still riding my bicycle daily though, that is something.

anyway this morning i thought of something i can/should do - brighten up my teeth! i bought this aquafresh white trays back when i got my braces off, and used one before i realized you weren't supposed to use them for two weeks before or after getting any dental work done. whoops. and it's a good thing too that i didn't use them all back then, because after the cleaning i got done this fall - it was a doozy - i think all the whitened bits would have been scraped off and i'd have been left with teeth looking a little patchy.

(i must say, i've started using the soft piks instead of trying to floss around my retainer wire, and it's made a world of difference. that is, i do it. i was barely flossing at all before, because of the hassle and pain of the threader. now i soft pik & floss my uppers all the time.)

i've been thinking of my teeth lately too, because that pesky 12 looked like it was popping out again. sigh. my ortho told me i don't need to wear my upper essix all the time anymore, "just make sure you can still get it in and you're fine." well, i think i need to wear it at least once a week, lest that 12 get a mind of its own.

anyway. every night i see the box of white trays as i stumble off to bed, and think, "but i want to fall asleep now, i don't want to have to get up in 45 minutes to go spit out the tray and rinse out my mouth."

so this morning i thought, why not now? i usually get up an hour before anyone else, and i've been experimenting with leaving off drinking coffee till i get to work, so why not do it in the morning?

so here i sit, mouth full of goop, feeling a bit odd, but hopefully making some tiny steps towards self-improvement.

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