02 August 2012

so far, so good

since noticing a strong correlation between my crabby moods and forgetting to take my supplements, i've been making a really concerted effort to remember them every day without fail. which has meant a few pukey days where i had a handful of vitamins on an empty stomache, and there was one day on the weekend (thank goodness i was home) when i was feeling like a supergrouch and thought vitamins! and took them that very minute.

it may be just the placebo effect, but if it works, i'll take it. and it seems to be working. i've had a couple of really stressful days at work (if only everyone would listen to me and me alone, and do my bidding at the drop of a hat), but have been able to bear them with something resembling grace.

in the interests of posterity and illumination, i take a b complex, c (500 i think), 2x ferrous gluconate, e (200 or 400, depending on which bottle i pick up at random), and 2 teaspoons of carlson's best norwegian fish oil with natural lemon flavouring (i tried norwegian gold capsules before and they did nothing for me, but carlson's makes a difference). in the winter i take vitamin d as well, but considering the burn i got at the pool on the weekend (normally the kiddo and i swim in the evening, but on sunday we were swimming for 3 solid hours in the afternoon) i think i'm getting my daily dose from the sky.

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