21 August 2012

back at it after ten days away

well, after ten days at the cottage and one on set, i am back to the daily grind. and a sinus headache. i was sick before we went away, and felt blecch again on our return, so i figure it has to be allergies. i've started taking cetirizine again, which seems to be helping.

our time away was filled with all sorts of treats. i made three batches of cookies at the cottage - not counting the brownies and shortbread i made before we left town - as well as peach pie, marshmallows, pancakes for breakfast on at least four occasions, and other treaty stuff like popcorn with melted butter. yum. there was also a fair amount of time spent relaxing with books and knitting.

but we did also eat a fair amount of healthy stuff: fruit, veg, and meat purchased from farm stalls. and, went swimming and for hikes and even a (short) canoe trip.

so, maybe it all evened out? i certainly have no intention to go back in time and try to track my input & output. but my first day back is looking pretty good nutrition-wise:

and i remembered my vitamins!


  1. I hope you succeed in solving your allergies problems.
    Healthy food is very important for our life: maybe this the only lesson I have learned as a (former) runner.

  2. my allergies are to pollen & stuff in the air, not what i eat - i am very lucky that way!! i think the only thing to do is remember when the bad times are pollen-wise, and start taking allergy meds before the pollen hits.