19 June 2012

it's amazing

how keeping up with the blog and maintaining good diet/exercise habits go hand in hand. i don't know which inspires which, but i certainly need to make more of an effort with both!

so this morning i did 20 sit-ups, remembered my supplements, replaced the brake pads on my bike, and rode to work. whoo! oh, and instead of grabbing a coffee when i got to the office, i filled my water bottle.

had a healthy lunch yesterday (green salad, organic swiss cheese, cherries, carrots, and an orange) and will have a similar lunch today (except an apple instead of an orange). should get more variety i suppose, but it's a challenge grocery-wise.

another challenge is this weather - hot & humid. it's meant to be like this all week, then cool off a bit on the weekend. looking forward to that - i find i get short of breath quite a bit in this weather.

next step will be buying some new sneakers. i don't even know where to begin - what brands are good/bad? i'm concerned as much about the ethics of the company as performance - actually i'm not really concerned with "performance" at all so much as support. my foot has been sore a lot lately - due i think to walking more in inappropriate shoes, and then favouring it. i need a bit of a heel, not a lot, but i tend to feel like my foot is being bent upwards, if that makes any sense. i would assume that is related to the soft tissue damage? who knows...

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