18 June 2012


oh, what is with me. i keep falling off the wagon and struggling to get back on. breathing is difficult lately, and i don't know if it's the summer weather or just that i haven't been getting enough exercise.

i haven't been biking, because i need new brake pads (actually bought some, but they are the wrong kind). i have one in my handbag today though, so hopefully will get it taken care of!

on the weekend i had a good search for my running shoes but failed to turn them up. don't know what i've done with them! argh. it may however be time for new shoes... i've had mine forever, although i am so lazy about running, they don't show much wear!

the good news, is that the garden is flourishing, and this year i had the good sense to plant fewer wait-forever-for-veg-that-won't-ripen things (tomatoes, i'm looking at you) and more harvest-as-you-go things (lettuce, spinach, arugula) so i've started grabbing a few leaves for salads, and packed workweek's worth of leaves & home-made vinaigrette this morning to keep me going all week (i hope).

and, summer also means lots of lovely fruit, so we are fully stocked with cherries and apples and watermelon and things. yum. if nothing else, i will have all the vitamin c i need!

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