26 June 2012

back on the bike

i have new brake pads and the oppressive humidity has lifted for the time being, so i'm happy to be back on the bike!

took a new route to the kiddo's karate school yesterday - my usual path up the hill is under construction, so i took a windy side street. it was steeper than i remembered! but if i'm going to be climbing a hill, better to do it where there is no traffic, lots of shade. next time i'll be ready.

tonight the plan is to ride the "big bike" (my bike + kiddo's half-wheeler) to the pool for some swim time. we went for about 10 minutes last week - before the pool was closed due to a thunderstorm - and it was lovely while it lasted. also got some swimming in at the cottage over the weekend.

my foot has really been bothering my of late, so i am very keen to get more low-impact exercise to get in better shape cardio-wise before i start running! (and yes i'm aware it's just another in a long line of excuses...)

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