07 January 2013

a little bit of progress

like every other lazy schmuck in the world, i'm taking new year's as the instigation to finish what i started, fitness-wise. here's what i've managed so far:

exercise: rode my bicycle to work for the first time in a month and a half! i looked a right clown, but i have to say knitting and cycling are two hobbies that go hand in hand. i wore a giant thick turtleneck sweater under my bright yellow coat, and a lovely laceweight cashmere/silk lace shawl that i knit over the holidays kept my ears and face warm and fit easily under my helmet.

food: in addition to the 4 meals worth of whole wheat macaroni with broccoli in the freezer, i now also have 5 dozen meatballs, along with extra-veggy spaghetti sauce (contains beets and carrots in addition to the usual tomatoes).

teeth: i got out of the habit of wearing my retainer when i was sick. bad bad bad. i am happy to report though that my teeth have not been shifting! had no problems getting the retainer in again. whew.

now, i just need to go take my vitamins and fish oil, and i'll be right on track.

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