24 January 2018

Oh boy

My next "scheduled" run, if I go back to my old routine (which is the plan, it seemed to work all right) is Friday, but I don't think that will work.

Friday is also my next scheduled blood donation.

I used to give blood regularly. Then I couldn't for a while for one reason or another (pregnancy, travelling) and fell out of the habit. Last spring I took it up again on a whim (I happened to be right next to a blood donor clinic after a rally, and thought, why not?) and so I'm back on the every-12-weeks plan (and Canadian Blood Services makes sure to remind you in ten different ways if you're due for an appointment).

Thing is, despite having no trouble at all the first 10+ times I gave blood, last summer after giving a pint I felt terrible. Disoriented, shaky, nauseated - even though I spent a good hour in their rest area post-donation, relaxing and consuming their juice boxes and snacks before getting up to go. I ended up calling in sick to work the next day, I felt so terrible. It was in the middle of a heat wave, so I laid the blame on the weather (although I did make a point of being well fed and hydrated before I went).

They test your blood pressure and iron levels before you go, so "in theory" my low blood pressure and anemia should not be the issue.

My next appointment, in the fall, I booked for the morning of a Friday off, so I'd be well-rested and have time to recover after. I ate a big dinner the night before and a big breakfast before heading out. It wasn't as bad as the summer, but I still felt pretty terrible after.

So, this donation is the big one. Three strikes and out? Or will I be fine? In any case, I was pretty pooped yesterday afternoon after my first run in months, so I don't think trying to give blood right after a run would be a great idea.

Now the decision is this: do I stick to my old three-runs-a-week schedule, skipping Friday, which means no run till Sunday? Or, go for a run tomorrow to make up for it? My legs are a bit sore today, so maybe they need a run. Or, maybe they need a rest?

Who knows, maybe when they find out I had whooping cough last month they will reject me anyway!

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