15 March 2016

hitting the trail again!

okay, after the worst winter ever - sick and coughing for two and a half months, two rounds of anbiotics that did nothing, an eventual diagnosis of pleurisy - i am getting back at it!

i really missed my walks. when i was sick and breathless, i could barely make it from room to room let alone walk a mile and a half to work. so i am thrilled to be walking again, especially now that spring has sprung. birds! flowers! heavenly!

current routine is walk to work, walk one and a half or two miles at lunch, and then walk home. today i did more than five miles in my raincoat!

i am also pleased to say that, even after months of not doing it, i had no trouble doing 30 situps this morning. to think when i started, five and a half years ago, i had to really struggle to do 20 - mostly couldn't. i may not be perfect, but i have indeed come a long way.

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