18 January 2016

not another inhaler!

i swear, since that first bout of pneumonia right before i got pregnant with my son, my lungs have just never been the same.

before that, i was fine and never thought twice about breathing.

since then, i have had "reactive airways syndrome," chest infections, and flirted with an asthma diagnosis.

this past fall and winter have been stressful - single parenting a special-needs kid, full-time job, part-time school. this winter i had to travel for work twice in one month - and not fun fly first class and stay in a hotel travel, more the leave home at 5 o'clock in the morning to drive across the province for a 15-hour day of work kind of travel.

at the beginning of september, i had a nasty cold with a cough that never really went away. it would get better, and then return. in december it came back with a vengeance, and i just about knocked myself out with the wrong kind of robitussin. apparently some people drink cough syrup for fun? i had just 2 tsp and felt like i was losing my mind.

anyway, i got through the winter break with not enough r & r, but enough to tide me over. but starting the work year with more travel did me in. i suppose the cold snap didn't help either - i think it was -20 on my first day back, and of course i walked!

long story short, by the time i dragged myself to the doctor the following week it was officially pneumonia.

i've finished my round of antibiotics, and feel somewhat better, but still so very tired and headachey. standing to sing during sunday morning's service was exhausting. walking a flight of stairs is exhausting.

i have a flovent inhaler to take for the rest of the month - and a refill if needed. hoping i am back up to speed well before then!

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