25 March 2015

loooooong time...

a comment on my other blog from the black knight made me realise how long it's been since i've posted here... and how much i need to pay more attention to my health.

we've had a long miserable winter here - set a record for the coldest february ever, with lots of -20 days and -30 nights. ugh. i did manage to walk to work for most of it, although i usually wimped out and took the bus home in the afternoon, for speed. it is difficult to walk quickly when there is snow and ice on the ground.

and we seemed to spend a lot of this winter sick as well, culminating in a spell of noro that meant no eating at all for a few days, and then ravenous hunger and junk eating. i did a lot of junk eating over the winter, if i'm being honest. i find it hard to get up early when it's still super dark out, so i wouldn't have time to get my lunch packed for work, and wouldn't want to go outside for lunch due to the cold, and ended up hitting the vending machines a lot (which means chips and candy). whoops.

so, a few resolutions:

  • bring lunch every day
  • make sure that includes at least two pieces of fresh fruit and two servings of vegetables
  • no more vending machine!
  • walk to & from work every day

also, a few questions to ask myself before mindless snacking:

  • why do i want to eat?
  • if it's because my body needs nutrients, am i eating something nutritious?
  • if it's because my mouth wants to taste something, could i have something like a herbal tea instead?
  • if it's because i'm bored, can i find something else to do?
  • if it's because "i deserve a treat," can i find a way to treat myself better?

hoping i can stick to these resolutions and make myself stronger. it helps that spring is here so we can spend time outside again. i went on a big hike with the kid on the weekend, and it felt great!

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  1. Welcome back and thank you for the kind mention.
    Glad you could enjoy the week end and now..... let's enjoy this spring.