08 November 2013

sweet relief

i saw angus this morning! thank goodness. he knew exactly what to do and i can turn my head again. my shoulder is a bit sore, but that's to be expected. and, i have been remembering my fish oil and vitamins. and nerve flossing.

still dead tired though. yesterday was the worst; my back was giving me so much pain on wednesday that i thought i'd take a leftover dilaudid from my hospital stay. big mistake! my back still hurt, but i was so dopey! even when i got up thursday, i was still dopey and sleepy all day long. i made a tactical error, thinking, "oh, i'll have some coffee and be fine," but all it did really was keep me from sleeping, when i think sleeping it off properly was the one thing that might have helped. i eventually fell asleep around 3:30 and when i woke up a couple of hours later, i felt a lot better.

but i am never taking those pain killers again!


  1. Only 2 hours sleeping?
    I hope that you get well very very soon.
    Since I broke my L3 vertebra last year I must follow a regular daily routine to enforce the abdominal muscles not to feel back pain.

    1. i can't even imagine breaking a vertebra! yikes. i should be doing something with my abdominals to support my back, but i'm not allowed for another few weeks (6 weeks total post-op).