12 July 2013

oh, weather!

the weather has been crazy here lately - massively muggy, torrential rains. our street turned into a river, and we were without power on a few occasions! the weather problem is two-fold: i find it difficult to exercise when it';s too hot and humid, and i find it very difficult to breathe. i feel like i am constantly short of breath! and sometimes get a sharp pain through my chest.

all of which reminds me of all the appointments i had a few years ago, when i was on inhalers, and going for pulmonary function tests, and all of that. i do not want to do that again! in part because the whole adventure seemed largely useless - the humidity seems to trigger the breathing problems, but if i went to my doctor about it now, i'd probably end up with an appointment in the fall when my breathing wouldn't be so bad anyway. so i really can't be bothered.

in any case, a cold front moved in the night before last, so the air is a little fresher now. i went swimming last night for an hour, and this morning did 20 situps and had a brisk walk to work! i hope the weather stays just as it is right now. this is what i call perfect.

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